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Fun & Creativity


Children are given plenty of opportunities to explore art. Whether it is making collages or painting, we love to get messy!


Music is key to language development! Children are encouraged to sing songs throughout the day and move to their own beat with musical instruments.


Gross motor skills are crucial to early childhood development. Children have plenty of time to explore our playground outside, dance, and go on walks!


Language is key to many domains of children's development - literacy, comprehension, social-emotional development, and even creating a secure attachment. Teachers work diligently to enhance these skills.


A huge focus of our program is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Children are given many opportunities to observe the world around them, ask questions, perform experiments, and become the leaders of tomorrow!

Outside Play

Did we mention we have a wonderful outdoor place? We have so much to keep them occupied and learning - a playground, swings, cars, a little town, and games painted on the ground! Your child will love the experiences they have outdoors.

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